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For all you involuntary teachers out there making the best of homeschooling for the first time, with all of the joys that brings: no special childhood moments missed, in fact, nothing missed whatsoever, twenty…four…seven. This case is for you! Instead, we will be the teachers, and take you through a handful of different wines from varying regions and varieties, just a little off the established curriculum – this is homeschooling after all – to engage your mind and gently return it to the land of adults. You can choose to spread your learning throughout the week or take a weekend crash course (responsibly of course!). Whichever method is right for you, this case will be all the more rewarding after your hard work.

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Includes x2 bottles of each:

Buddy Talk White, Michael Opitz 2019
Malvasia Bianca, Birichino 2018
Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Ostertag 2019
Chiroubles La Scandaleuse, Domaine Bernard Métrat 2019
Gaba do Xil Tinto, Telmo Rodríguez 2017
Extra Libre, Château du Cèdre 2019

About the Wines

Buddy Talk White, Michael Opitz 2019
Burgenland, Austria

Michael Opitz is based in the town of Apelton, found in the Seewinkel lake region of Burgenland, Austria. The lakes here are naturally saline and lend some of that savoury minerality to the wines from this area. The Buddy Talk white is a blend of Muskat Ottonel, Muskateller and Sauvignon Blanc. Combined with Michael’s organic and natural approaches to vine growing and winemaking, the wines are fresh, with fruit-forward aromas, and brilliantly vibrant on the palate.

Malvasia Bianca, Birichino 2018 *NEW*
California, USA

Over in Monterey County, south of Santa Cruz, Birichino make this unusual yet stunning Malvasia Bianca. Here the vineyards are cooled by breezes off the Pacific, which help to retain freshness in the wine. It then spends extended time on its skins overnight to add weight and complexity, and exotic aromas; jasmine, lime and elderflower dominate.

Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes, Domaine Ostertag 2019 *NEW*
Alsace, France

André Ostertag is considered to be one of the most revolutionary and respected of Alsace’s winemakers, pushing the bounds of what can be squeezed from his grapes, while teasing out every last nuance of terroir from his vineyards. The grapes for this local variety Sylvaner are from 50-75-year-old vines, grown biodynamically, and aged for a year in vats, which imparts a generous fleshiness, balanced by a dash of salinity and delicate bitterness. Expressive aromas of white flowers, chervil, pear, white peach and grapefruit.

Chiroubles La Scandaleuse, Domaine Bernard Métrat 2019 *NEW*
Beaujolais, France

One of the Cru Villages of Beaujolais, the vineyards of Chiroubles are grown at the highest altitude. Here the variety Gamay expresses its lighter and more quaffable side, by retaining freshness due to the cooler elevation, resulting in the most quintessential of Beaujolais. Bernard Métrat accentuates the village typicity by employing sustainable viticulture without chemical fertilizers in the vineyard, traditional semi-carbonic maceration (whole-bunch fermentation) while eschewing fining (use of filtration additives) in the winery. These techniques concentrate the natural red berry fruits and delicate floral aromas synonymous with Chiroubles.

Gaba do Xil Tinto, Telmo Rodríguez 2017 *NEW*
Valdeorras, Spain 

Valdeorras is one of the best winemaking regions of Spain that you have never heard of. At the eastern border of Galicia, just above the border with Portugal, this region is not exactly on the tourist trail. Here, where the vineyards have the best of both worlds, with the Atlantic not far away to the west but balanced by the continental landmass, fantastic red wines are produced from the variety Mencía. This wine has spent 12 months ageing in stainless steel, so the purity of the fruit comes forward, underpinned by a freshness and natural energy.

Extra Libre, Château du Cèdre 2019
South West, France

If you are a fan of Malbec then Cahors should be on your vinous pilgrimage. Found halfway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in South West France, Cahors was the homeland of Malbec before its journey to Argentina. Château du Cèdre grow all their grapes organically, and the Extra Libre sees 12 months in oak, but crucially no sulphites at every stage preparation and bottling. The wine has a wonderfully lively and crunchy palate of fresh red fruits, raspberries, strawberries and blackcurrant, a hint of lemon and cracked peppercorns; intensely expressive.

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The Homeschool Case


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